This a sampling of services I can offer. Please contact me with your specific needs and we'll develop a plan to meet them.

Personal Training

Weight loss

Foundation Training

General Health Improvement

Corrective Exercise

Goal and Success Coaching

Stability, Power, and Strength Conditioning

Endurance and Multi-Sport Coaching

Sports Specific

Outdoor Training and Excursions

Myofacial Release and Flexibility Training

Body Mechanics

Golf Fitness

Senior Fitness

Obesity for Adults

Obesity for Children

Group Training

Corporate Wellness:

Exercise Instruction and Classes

Body Mechanic and Ergonomics Training

Wellness Lectures and Talks on various topics

Corporate Wellness Planning

Small Group Training (3-100+ participants):

All Options Listed Above

Skype Training and Distance Training:

Skype, FaceTime, and several other personal training specific software platforms


General Health

Weight Loss

Weight Gain

Endurance and Sports Specific

Special Populations and Diets

Meal Planning

Grocery Shopping

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