In the four years that Sean and I have been training together, he has helped me evolve from a person that had a simple goal of wanting to be more active and lose weight into someone that now competes in triathlons.  He is phenomenal.  I have lost over fifty pounds training with him.  Our discussions about nutrition have inspired me to become more creative in my own kitchen at home.  He is very supportive and tells you exactly what you need to hear to challenge yourself.  Sean has also been there to listen when I am frustrated and assists me in figuring out the next step in my fitness progress.  Sean has helped me become more comfortable in my own skin and I will never be able to thank him enough for making that happen.

-Hyacinth L.

One wouldn't think that Foundation Training and Photography would be mentioned together, but Foundation has helped to improve my photography skills.   Foundation Training focuses on strengthening the glutes and hamstrings which has allowed me to compose better photos.  I now have the strength to get into a squat and hold the position for long periods of time, thus holding for the best possible photograph.  
Sean has been encouraging and supportive with Foundation teachings.  Foundation for him is not a class but a way of life and he exudes it in everything he does.  His enthusiasm for Foundation and his devotion to his students is genuine and inspirational.

-Sue H.

Training with Sean Yeager-Diamond has changed my life. For two years, Sean has offered his expertise in the areas of fitness, health, and nutrition with the end result being a leaner, healthy, and much happier me! Initially, when I first met Sean, I was very skeptical that my body could ever change; I had recently given birth to my third child and felt that I would always overweight, tired, and week. Sean promised me a healthier stronger boy but he never once said it was going to be easy - and it hasn't been. Sean has been there every step of the way for me. He has taught me proper nutrition that guarantees I have the energy to maintain the stamina required for my busy lifestyle.

Through Sean's instruction, I now know my way around the gym and feel confident facilitating my own training on days I do not meet with him. When he and I have our one one training sessions, Sean Challenges me with new and exciting workouts and keeps me mentally on my does with his quick wit. Sean's vast knowledge combined with his personable and individualized style makes him the ideal choice for one seeking a professional trainer.

-Eden J.

Sean Yeager-Diamond is not only the reason I compete in Triathlons, but he is the reason I enjoy them!! I started training with Sean and within a month he had my confidence strong enough to sign up for my first triathlon. He taught me everything I needed to know about the sport, from race day preparedness, pre & post nutrition, pre & post exercises and stretching, inside tips and tricks for a smooth race day, mental toughness, and total enjoyment of the whole process!! He is the most supportive coach I have ever had, and he is entirely dedicated to his clients. His knowledge of conditioning and strength is second only to his unique ability to get you mentally where you need to be to succeed, whether it is just a training day in the gym or at the race. In 2 short years, I have gone from Sprint triathlons to Ironman distance triathlons and Sean is with me every step of the way - supporting, helping, teaching, encouraging, and enjoying the process right along with me!! He is absolutely AMAZING!!!

-Tass J.

I started working with Sean not long after moving to this area a few years ago. I joined the gym and asked for a trainer who is well established, consistent, and good at working with women wanting to lose weight. I was immediately directed towards Sean and I haven't needed to look ever again! Sean is able to assess my problems and help identify my goals even when I am not entirely sure what they are myself. He keeps pushing me to do more and be more by giving me assignments and following up to make sure I do them which keeps me going even when I don't feel like it. He got me running more and more by going on runs with me constantly chirping in my ear tidbits of info to fix my form or change my stride and I feel so much better for it (and I still hear all that when I run even without him haha). Sean is funny and personable and can act as a life coach of sorts for social situations we discuss during workouts which not only helps him learn more about me but also for me to get different perspectives on various situations and be more comfortable with myself. He continues to push me faster, farther, and harder as I get better at it and although I frequently protest, I do like it (don't tell him that). Sean is professional, funny, and makes working out with him enjoyable.

- Stephanie A.

In March 2014 I asked Sean if he would assist me in increasing my physical fitness. At that time, I toyed with the idea of participating in the Santa Barbara Triathlon Sprint, think that I was a year plus out. Well, in August 2014 I completed that sprint with Sean's help and support the whole way. His integrity and his are love are so very clear that Sean has been able to create an environment where I feel safe to focus on my personal progress, not on his needs. I can take risks. I can experience the joy of discovering my own ability and strength. I think of Sean as a dear friend, one I'm glad I had the good fortune to meet.

-Elizabeth R.

I have been working out with Sean regularly for almost 3 years. Not only have I become stronger physically, I have become stronger mentally too. I believe more in myself and my ability to take on physical challenges. When Sean gives me a task I don't think I can do, I think - "if Sean thinks I can do it, then I can." Sean knows me well enough to now that it seems he can tell when I need a good laugh while we are working out, or if there is something I need to talk about. I am proud of the workouts I have accomplished with Sean encouraging me.

-Mary G.

I was originally referred to Sean Yeager-Diamond by my physician 2 months after I was injured in an auto accident. As a former International Equestrian Competitor and Triathlete, I thought I knew plenty about sports training and body Mechanics. Sean, however, change pretty much all of that with a simplified, goal orientated no bs approach. With Sean's help, I've recovered in record time and learned to move and exercise in pain-free ways that continually improve my sports performance and daily life. I've literally driven 2 hrs each way to train with Sean for 16 months and it's been worth it.

-Jerald D.

Sean is great. True knowledge in strengthening and rehab for people with low back issues. I have been working with him since December '13 and have made great strides. He uses Foundation Training with his personal training which is awesome. I have better posture and can accomplish day to day task easier with no back issues. (like picking up my laundry basket)

-Jennifer P.

I met Sean about a year ago when I did a Fitness Assessment test and asked me if I thought about joining a gym. I told him that I was very hesitant because of my limitations (I am 3'6") and did not know if I would be able to reach or use any of the equipment. He took me in as my trainer and helped me to try different machines and exercises that I would be able to do. I was afraid of the treadmill and Sean helped me gain confidence by encouraging me and also as siting me in developing routine workouts. I have lost 15lbs in one year compared to the 3-4lbs with weight watchers.

-Jo T.

Sean has been my Personal trainer for several months and I have found him to be a very knowledgeable, caring and dedicated professional. His work ethic is outstanding and he will do whatever it takes to help his clients achier their goals. I first contacted Sean in order to build strength and increase flexibility after left hip replacement surgery. My efforts to accomplish these goals myself had produced poor results. In addition, I thought the decline in my golf game and running were largely attributable to old age. I didn't expect much improvement. Well, was I surprised. As a consequence of Sean's training and experience, in a word, his expertise, I am playing far better golf than I have played in many, many years. My running, in terms of both distance and pace, are continuing to improve weekly. 

Sean is a very respected trainer. He is not only helpful to his clients, but to anyone who seeks his advice and counsel. His range of knowledge is impressive and he has shown both wisdom and enterprise in the way he has sought to enhance his skills.  Obviously, I think most highly of Sean, and recommend him without any reservation whatsoever.

-Steve L.

Sean has been my personal trainer for over 2 years and during that time my results have been incredible.  I have been challenged and motivated with every workout session.  Sean is truly professional, knowledgeable and committed to his clients and as a result, I am now living a healthier lifestyle. 

-Gail K.

Sean is by far the best instructor I have ever had in the fitness world. He is incredibly motivating and has the best energy. He makes workouts fun, challenging, and so worth the results. Leaving Santa Barbara was pretty painful knowing I would never be able to take a class from Sean upon departing. Thank you for the great workout memories!

-Brittany B.

Sean has been my trainer for more than 3 years. Besides his ever-present upbeat attitude, he clearly knows what he is talking about. He pushes me to do things I don't  want to do but should. I am in the best shape of my life and could not have done it without Sean's expertise, motivation, and wit:)

-Peter C.

I've been lucky enough known Sean Yeager-Diamond for over a decade. We have worked together, learned together, and grown together.  In this time I've watched him inspire and change the lives of countless people. He truly cares about what he does and creates strong bonds with his clients and everyone around him. Although I don't get to see Sean on a day to day basis, I still consider him one of my best friends and can trust him with anything.

- Marisa E.

Sean has been my trainer for 3 years. With all the hard work he puts me through, that 3 years feels like a long time. In that time I've learned so much about fitness and the dedication it takes to make a complete lifestyle choice toward a goal of health and wellness. He lets me know when I can be doing a lot better and am just slacking off. I have always been satisfied with every training session - "my muscles feel so big now." I always leave feeling like I could conquer the world. He pushes me past my limit because he believes in me and knows I can do it. The transformation I feel after each workout is as dramatic.

-Manuel F.

Sean is a great motivator and a creative leader. He is always current on techniques and methods in his field. Sean also has a sound knowledge in many different areas of fitness from strength training to triathlons. I respect Sean's ability to compete, teach, and train.

-Brenton T.

Sean is an expert in his field. He is consistently able to assess the situation(s); adjust training to meet current conditions; provide feedback that reinforces and motivates, and always makes his client feel like they can be successful. I can highly recommend Sean, his skill, and his work ethic, having worked with him continuously since Sept 2010 (one of my best decisions!).

-Ann D.

Sean is an excellent trainer and fitness expert, and I highly recommend him as a fitness professional.

-Jen P.


Sean Yeager-Diamond is among very few people I know that truly love the work that has chosen them. We have at times walked similar paths through life and he recognizes the deep karmic value in helping people feel proud of the person they became/become. Sean is uniquely talented at what he does. I believe most of the people that exchange information with this fellow will be better people for it. He ain't no ordinary trainer.

-Dr. Eric Goodman, Foundation Training

Perhaps you've had the experience of being around someone whom you instantly admire and aspire to incorporate elements of the character and commitment into your own work. That was my response the first time I observed Sean work with participants in a training course. He is a teachers' teacher - sensitive to each individual's abilities, unafraid to reveal his own challenges, attentive, focused, and inspiring. Sean is clearly "all in." Willing to accept challenges, I've observed him problem solve, individually and as part of a team, in a way that skillfully combines his own critical thinking skills and sharing of his opinions with a noted ability to listen well, respect, and incorporate other's perspectives. When I think of Sean, words like tireless, dedicated, optimistic, and supportive come to mind. His clients love him, his team of fellow trains admire him, and shot lucky enough to be a friend will regularly smile and laugh at his fearless, funny, self-deprecating photos, which educate and inspire us all to a much healthier and happier life. Sean truly goes that extra mile. These are qualities shared by few, but through hard work, clear commitment, and natural ability to relate to so many, its to see why Sean is one of the best.

- Claudia Smith, Co-owner at Bfit Fayetteville

Sean is a passionate fitness professional and motivator who works hard to bring out the best in his clients and make the workouts fun. Sean's passion is contagious, which is critical in an industry where the service you provide isn't always your client's idea of "fun." Sean changes that for the people he works with both inside and outside of the workouts.

-Doug Holt, Conditioning Specialists

Sean has been my Foundation Training mentor since I attended my certification. The only that exceeds his knowledge of Foundation Training is his passion to bring its benefits to all it can help. From teaching other FT instructors to teaching the public he is articulate and explains the inter-workings of each exercise to bring the desired outcome. Sean's other attributes are his organizational skills and ability to negotiate/improve lines of communication between management and students. I have personally benefitted from his help.

- Lorrie Sherwood, Physical Therapist

Incredible, just one word to describe Sean Yeager-Diamond. As a Personal Trainer for over 30 years I have worked with, for, and hired many fitness professionals, Sean sets himself apart. What sets one above the rest, making them the best? Skills, yes, but also dedication, commitment, compassion, and Tenacity. Sean has all of these and more. His skills are off the chart. His own personal experiences have made him more than a Personal Trainer. He walks the talk and his approach motivates his clients like no other. Sean advises, assists and inspires everyone through personalized programs paying special attention to proper form and technique to assure success.

Sean is a great guy and a great friend.

-Gail Hooper-DeSart, Owner Mind & Body Wellness Studio

Sean is a highly motivated individual that has an incredible talent for inspiring those around him to perform better. His skills are utilized extensively through his personal training session, where I have seen him help many people lead fitter, healthier, and happier lives.

-Dr. Geoff Gray, Heeluxe

Sean is an amazing fitness professional. He is attentive and well versed in numerous fitness modalities. Sean's recent work in the Foundation Method-back care/pain management exercises is cutting edge and effective. Sean continues to educate himself in all areas of physical fitness/well being and passes along his knowledge with passion and commitment.
-Sara Guthrie.
Certified Yoga, Pilates, and Cycling Instructor
Sean was interviewing me for a cycling position. He thought I had potential, but knew that I could improve my skills to become an even better instructor. He worked one on one with me on at least 3 occasions in the cycling studio and critiqued my style, interpretation of music, intonation, and even the way I laid out my towel, iPod, and stopwatch. He gave me constructive suggestions on aspects of presentation that I had never focused on. He did this in a way that made me comfortable receiving his suggestions while knowing that I could improve as an instructor. I was really impressed with the way Sean brought me on board and with his obvious concern for hiring someone who would best serve the members. He really cares about bringing out the very best in his instructors. I learned a lot from Sean about being a cycling instructor as well as being a professional in the fitness industry.
-Ellen K., Certified Cycling Instructor

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